Our single largest production run to date is 244,000 units. The product was acrylic and had 11 operations each.  No matter what your production requirements are, if it's a product within our diverse capabitities, you will receive the best quality and service in the industry, all at a competitive cost.

ABS paste pots fabricated to exact specifications in production


After a concept is created in thought or on paper, it needs to be built and adjustments made before it makes it to the marketplace.  Design experience, imagination, vision and an in depth knowledge of materials cannot be understated here. Often a potential product doesn’t catch the attention it deserves because of inferior fabrication and design.

Prototype acrylic model of a centrifugal filtration device

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Freestanding acrylic raffle wheel with locking slotted door

Finding the right source for your business is more important today than ever.  Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction, Plastic Pros delivers more than just quality products at an affordable price.  Our experienced staff evaluates the end use and environment of every product we fabricate, offering suggestions for the best suited material and design while maintaining the most efficient cost possible.

Serving Sacramento, Los Angeles and all of northern and central California, Plastic Pros has been fabricating and repairing many types of plastics for over 20 years


We are known by many to be experts in reconstructive machining and weld repair of units gone bad.  Sometimes we're presented with pieces that aren't altogether there, but as strong believers in "If there's a will, there's a way", our customers rarely leave disappointed or empty handed.


Plastic, like any other material, can break.  Most plastics can be repaired with the right technique and expertise.  Why discard something when it can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacement?  Automotive & Motorcycle parts, ATV’s, Exhaust Hoods, Boats, RV Tanks, Chemical processing equipment, Kayaks, Holding Tanks…if it can be repaired, we’re your best source.  Plastic Pros has been a leader in the industry for over 20 years.  Through innovation, Plastic Pros has developed special repair medias to enable us to repair products that others deem un-repairable.

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UHMW polyethylene slides re-engineered to replace worn out & broken units


Polyethylene Kayak in need of repair


A comprehensive knowledge of the plastics we fabricate enables us to provide the best solution to transform an idea into a reality for our clients.  Plastic Pros commonly exceeds the expectations of our clients with our creativity and ingenuity.

Acrylic valve body machined to the highest quality

New customer looking for plastic fabrication or repair receive a 10% discount at Plastic Pros

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