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Particularly suitable for funnels, tanks, trays, hoods and other items that frequently need sterilization or come in contact with harsh chemicals, Polypropylene is a material that is largely chemical resistant and offers a higher heat resistance than many plastics.

Plastic Pros commonly visits on-site to assist with research and development of a product.  By becoming an integral part of the development, we act as an additional knowledge base assisting with the best overall outcome.

Our team will work with your requirements and develop a product for you that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Shown above is a custom-built charge funnel equipped with a sanitary fitting ensuring that once clamped into position on a reactor, no product can possibly escape or cross contaminate during the filling process. Beginning from three separate pieces, it finishes as one complete unit permanently welded together.

Above is a shroud for a reactor where contamination from the ceiling, in addition to the surrounding equipment, was a concern.

On the left is a shield prior to delivery.  On the right is the same shield installed on a reactor.  This location only had concerns of contamination from the equipment, not from the ceiling above.

Notice the compound angles in the construction of this unit.  Plastic Pros assists in the engineering of each protective shield to assure the maximum work area while maintaining absolute protection from possible cross contamination.

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