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These ABS plastic motorcycle saddlebags were in pretty rough shape.  Not only were they badly cracked, they were actually missing some pieces.

Repairing plastic products for over 20 years, we’ve seen a few things others were saying couldn’t be fixed.  Buy a new one” or “replace it” were the only options.  Over 95% of the products brought to us broken leave our shop restored to at least original condition. Many of our repairs are stronger than OEM.

Not only did we repair the cracks, we also replaced the missing pieces with new pieces of ABS.  When they were complete, they were ready for painting. 

This Goldwing motorcycle was very special for the customer and the saddlebags were irreplaceable.  He was heartbroken by what all the other shops were telling him.  Then he found Plastic Pros.  When he came to pick these up, his eyes started welling in happiness.  He said thank you so many times.  Those are the times that make our work truly fulfilling!

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