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This Hobie kayak is only about a year old.  It was hung by a handle.  Unfortunately it wasn't designed for that.  The handle area ripped out leaving a large hole and crack.

This customer did the right thing.  Rather than trying to repair it with some foreign material and paying us to remove it because it failed, which it will, they brought it to Plastic Pros.  The only permanent method to repair a polyethylene product is by using the exact same composition of welding material to perform the repair.  We determined, by performing a series of test welds, the best process for repair.  Due to the almost infinite color variations of products, it often is not possible to match colors perfectly, but we do our best to make our repairs as inconspicuous as possible.

Not only was this customer almost beyond words that we saved their kayak, you almost can't notice it ever had a problem.  They are looking forward to many more years of use, as long as they don't hang it by the handle again.