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Motor homes have freshwater, graywater and blackwater holding tanks.  Typically your drinking water tanks are made of polyethylene.  The only way to repair or modify this type of plastic is by welding it.  No adhesive will hold permanently.

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The old repair vs our cutout for this RV tank. We enlarged the cutout area to ensure our repair would not be jeopardized by over heated material from the previous attempts.

Ocassionally a damaged area is to large or complex to just weld over the outside.  The only method of repair for a tank like this one is to remove the material far enough to reach a clean and stable surface that can be properly welded.

There were two previous repair attempts made by other “professionals” before this customer came to Plastic Pros.  Both obviously failed.

Once our permanent patch was welded into place, the water tank was ready to re-install.  No more worries from that corner ever again.