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Thinking outside the box is common place at Plastic Pros.  Nowadays it seems business is all about staying within given parameters.  The inability to see the governing limitations sets us apart from the rest. Virtually nothing is beyond our capability as plastic fabricators.  Inspired by your idea, we'll develop your idea with the best material and design to make it a superior product.

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Don't despair, we repair!

So many plastic products can be repaired.  Plastic Pros has been restoring polymer materials since 1988.  But not all plastics are created equal.  So many people will tell you how to fix something plastic, but so few really know how.  Plastic is a complicated material. Unlike wood and metal, plastic begins as a resin and can have many different characteristics blended into one material.  Adhesives work on some plastics and appear to work on others, but when put to the test, the result is commonly failure.  Not only will the repair fail, it causes the plastic itself to dissintegrate.  Trust your repair to Plastic Pros. We can show you a history of succesful repairs.