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This “L” shaped fresh water holding tank has had three repair attempts, one by the owner, two by a “qualified” source.   Each repair failed due to insufficient knowledge of the material and proper welding technique. The loose piece is the 2nd “professional” repair which peeled off like a good piece of tape.  Technique is critical when repairing plastics.

Interested how we repaired this tank?  

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Here’s the kayak from our home page after our repair.  The once worn through surface has been 100% restored.  Notice the color dissimilarity of our repair.  Standard welding media doesn’t always  “stick”.  Manufacturers sometimes chemically modify their materials to achieve certain characteristics of the final product.  Along with an extensive selection of standard welding media, Plastic Pros has an assortment of our own in house welding materials, including the orange seen on the kayak.  This kayak could not have been repaired with standard materials.

After repair

These are Goldwing saddlebags.  Most would consider these a complete loss. Not only did we repair them, after painting, virtually no one would know they were ever broken.

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Plastic Pros repairs many types of plastics.  Clients are provided a cost estimate for repair upon our receipt of a damaged product.  Plastic Pros will then perform a chemical and extensive weld test to determine the reparability of the item.  If, in the unlikely event, it is determined that a repair is not possible, there will be no cost, freight withstanding, associated with our attempt.

Repairing plastics is both an art and a science.  Welding plastics can have surprising results on an existing product.  Stress, configuration, thickness, age and other factors all come into play, sometimes causing the technician to become an artist.  Knowing the exact composition of the material needing repair is critical.  If the wrong media is used, the repair is inferior and will not last.  Proper testing is required for a successful repair.

This red fairing from a motorcycle came to us broken its weakest area, upper left hand part of photo. This client was very pleased with the finished repair.

If it's made of plastic...

...chances are we can repair it

This kayak is almost new, but was damaged while hung by the handle in storage.  The area completely failed and tore out. The manufacturer would not support their product but Plastic Pros came through again.  Check it out here.