Oops.  The overall length of this 16" PVC pipe was miscalculated at the manufacturer by over 6", causing the square window you see in the left picture to be off too.  The entire window section needed to be removed and a new 18" long section be seamlessly welded onto the end.  As assurance of welding capabilities, we offered to provide a test weld of the actual pipe supplied by the customer.  This pipe has a 3/4" wall thickness!  In the center picture you see a sectioned piece we welded back onto the original.  When it was tested, the entire weld remained 100% intact and the surrounding pipe failed!  The right photo shows the new section welded into place.  The internal weld was machined flush, creating the completely seamless modification.

Plastic Welding

Here are a few steps in the welding & fabrication of a Salmon Release System for the State of California Water Resources Board. They required an exact replica of an existing steel unit currently in use.  This project was built with clear PVC pipe, the largest was 12".  The entire system finished at 100 feet long.  The purpose of this construction was to observe the actual turbulence the salmon are subjected to during the release.

Many plastics are weldable, such as ABS, Polycarbonate, PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene...  Plastic Pros has been a leader in the plastic welding industry for many years.  We regularly weld or repair plastics our competitors say can't be welded.  Not only do we weld them,  we stand behind our work 100%!   As assurance of our work, Plastic Pros provides a 1 year warranty, not just 30 days or 6 months, on all new welding fabrication.   Having an in depth knowledege of all the plastics we work with is key to advising our customers of the best solution.

The top image shows  an RV blackwater tank that has exploded, yuk! Middle image is the new tank in mid process. Bottom image shows new complete exact match.  

Since blackwater tanks cannot be repaired safely due to chemical hazards with extreme heat, our clients are lucky. We can fabricate the exact shape and design of virtually any tank.

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